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Bolduc “Not everybody wants to recover”

In the final days of the Republican primary race for Senate, Don Bolduc said during a campaign event that he does not think some people addicted to opioids want to recover.

During a Windham event in Wednesday, Bolduc told a supporter that recovery services for addiction is costing too much, and service provers are getting rich. The audio clip of Bolduc was posted to YouTube by New Hampshire Democratic Party operatives.

Bolduc said that in some cases recovery services was essentially to was “throwing money” at the problem rather than fixing it. Bolduc also disputed the therapeutic use of medications for opioid addiction.

“You're not gonna be able to solve the problem by giving people drugs--another drug to keep them off a drug. It doesn't work. We need prevention,” Bolduc said. “We all-we need treatment and we need services that, that, you know, help people in recovery. But then we have to realize that not everybody wants to recover and not everybody will recover. And I'm sorry, and that might sound cold, but that's a fact. And it's unfortunate. And we-so we just can't keep throwing money at a problem where people are getting rich. That shouldn't be getting rich. Right. That's your point.”

Medically assisted treatment for opioid addiction is considered part of a standard care option for many people dealing with addition.

Erin Caterbury, a recovery advocate, said Bolduc’s statement perpetuates a harmful myth about recovery when it comes to the idea that some people cannot beat the addiction.

“I know from experience that people who are down don’t want to stay down. That is a harmful myth that Don Bolduc is perpetuating,” Caterbury said. “Every person deserves access to addiction treatment and a chance to build a better life for themselves. Bolduc’s willingness to leave our most vulnerable Granite Staters to struggle with addiction and potentially die is a testament to his lack of character, lack of leadership and lack of empathy.”

Bolduc’s opponent in the race, Bryant “Corky” Messner, has disclosed that his father dealt with an opioid addiction.

“My dad was prescribed and became addicted to painkillers years ago as the result of an accident, so I understand the challenges it brings to people and their families,” Messner said in a statement.

Messner and Bolduc have called for preventative treatment for addiction. At the same time, both candidates have called for a repeal of the Affordable Care Act which had provided the access to health services many in the Granite State need to assess add-on recovery programs and care.

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