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Cop in stalking case turns down deal over protective order

Former Lebanon Police Lt. Richard Smolenski may be headed to trial for cyber-stalking his ex-girlfriend after he refused to agree not to disseminate evidence gathered in the case.

The case was set to be resolved on Wednesday with Smolenski getting the charges placed on file for up to one year, meaning he would escape conviction, and largely any consequences, so long as he remained on good behavior.

Robin Melone, the attorney for the victim, said this case is an example of the different standards of justice for police officers charged with a crime.

“If he was not a cop, would we be having this conversation?” Melone said.

Smolenski waged a campaign of harassment against his ex-girlfriend Nicole Cremo, sending messages to Cremo demanding that she lie to his wife, or face him releasing intimate photos he had of her, according to the affidavit in the case.

Cremo said the justice system is stacked against her and other survivors who report on police officers. She questions why her name was left unredacted in the court records released to the press when Smolenski was first charged, and if that would have happened if he were not a police officer.

“It’s so hard to say in what way I wasn’t failed by the system,” Cremo said.

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