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Covid Cat Lady wants a deal

The North Carolina woman who allegedly sold a bogus COVID-19 cure from her online cat-health store looking for a deal.

Dianna Daffin, 68, allegedly sold the fake drugs to an undercover agent in New Hampshire after repeated warnings from the FDA over her practice of selling unapproved drugs for humans and animals through her holistic medicine website.

Now, Daffin is looking to make a deal with prosecutors, according to court records. Her attorney, Joseph Keefe, filed a waiver of her right to a speedy trial in order to facilitate the negotiations for a possible plea deal.

Daffin owns a holistic medicine company called Savvy Holistic Health doing business as Holistic Healthy Pet, according to the criminal complaint. In March 2020, the FDA learned that she was selling an unapproved drug on her website, with the brand name HAMPL. Daffin claimed HAMPL was a COVID-19 remedy and treatment.

The HAMPL COVID-19 drug is “an adulterated, misbranded, and unapproved drug” according to the complaint, and Daffin was sent two letters from the FDA warning her to stop selling the drug, one in April, and another in August.

After the August warning, Daffin claimed that she would shut down her business until she could replace her product line. However, according to the complaint, she kept selling HAMPL through a password protected website, while continuing the claim it cured COVID-19.

Daffin stated that the HAMPL products “work for covid, but fda shut it down,” in an email to the undercover law enforcement agent. Daffin would go on to sell the undercover agent some HAMPL. and shipped the undercover agent an unapproved HAMPL-brand COVID-19 drug.

The label on the bottle states that HAMPL provides “a stronger immunity against CV” and promised “Immunity for Humans.”

Daffin has yet to be indicted on charges, but faces possible counts of “Interstate Sale of Adulterated or Misbranded Drugs Purposeful Adulteration or Misbranding of Drugs,” according to the complaint.

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