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Free Keene's Nobody wants police shot, calls for Boogaloo

Jailed Free Keene activist Nobody wants to bring violence against the government since he’s been locked up as part of the federal money laundering case that’s ensnared the libertarian group, according to court records.

According to prosecutors Nobody wants someone to shoot police.

“Co- defendant Nobody stated in a recent recorded telephone call that, ‘somebody needs to start shooting pigs,’ and ‘it’s time for the fuckin Boogaloo . . . that’s how this thing ends. When we end this fucking government.’”

This disclosure comes in a motion opposing the release of Nobody’s co-defendant, Ian Freeman. Freeman is the leader of the Free Keene group.

Boogaloo is the term for the civil war against police and the government, and a Boogaloo is advocated for by some libertarians and many white supremacists groups, like the Three Percenters.

Prosecutors argue that Freeman himself has also made reference to violence leading up to his arrest last month. Freeman was aware that he was being investigated by federal agents concerning his Bitcoin businesses.

“Freeman wrote on one occasion that he welcomed the government attack he believed was coming, referring apparently to criminal charges he anticipated. Various of Freeman’s associates have likewise characterized these charges in terms of a war or attack,” according to the motion.

Investigators found dozens of guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition in Freeman’s Leverett Street home when they arrested him last month. The home is close to a Keene charter middle school.

Nobody, 52, who legally changed his name from Rich Paul, made unsuccessful political runs for mayor in Keene and Governor. He was convicted in 2014 in drug dealing charges, and said during the trial he was offered an FBI deal in exchange for wearing a wire to Free Keene meetings.

Earlier this month, Nobody’s lawyer, John Apruzzese, was granted permission to leave the case after an incident with his client. While it is unclear what exactly transpired between the two, Apruzzese indicates something was said and there is now a lack of trust between the two.

“On April 6, 2021, counsel called Nobody and spoke with him about the motion to clarify status of counsel,” Apruzzese wrote in his motion to withdraw. “Counsel read the affidavit, filed under seal, in support of the motion. Counsel mistakenly thought Nobody made statements about the co-defendant, Ian Freeman. Counsel learned that those statements were made about counsel. Counsel immediately told Nobody he could no longer represent him and he would move to withdraw.”

While Nobody has waived his right to a detention hearing pending trial, Freeman is trying to get out. Prosecutors are opposed to Freeman being released, calling him a sophisticated criminal who operated a multi-million dollar money laundering scheme via his Bitcoin sales and donations to his various churches.

“In emails and recorded conversations in the government's possession, Freeman made no secret that he knew that fraudsters used his service for this purpose or that he needed to make misrepresentations to banks to conceal his scheme,” prosecutors write. “Freeman’s knowledge about the nefarious use that others made of his service is also demonstrated by the substantially higher fees that Freeman charged for bitcoin purchases compared to legitimate bitcoin exchanges, which register with the government and follow anti-money laundering rules in an effort to avoid having scammers use their services to wash their fraud proceeds.”

Freeman, 40, Colleen Fordham, 60, of Alstead, Renee Spinella, 23, of Derry, Andrew Spinella, 35, of Derry, Nobody, of Keene, and Aria DiMezzo, 34, of Keene were all taken into custody during last month’s raids. Only Freeman and Nobody continue to be held.

Free Keene was an important part of the Free State Project, a libertarian effort to overtake New Hampshire's government. Freeman and his Free Keene group were major promoters and recruiters for the FSP until 2014, when the FSP disassociated itself from Freeman over his repeated calls for lowering the age of consent laws. Free Keene was also the early home to Chris Cantwell, the Crying Nazi. Cantwell is currently serving a federal prison sentence after he was convicted of making online threats against another white supremacist.

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