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Freeman out

The alleged ringleader of a multi-million dollar bitcoin money laundering scheme, Ian Freeman, is getting out of jail after Federal Judge Joseph LaPlante granted him released on conditions.

Freeman, 40, is charged with several federal felonies along with other members of his liberation activist circle based in Keene. He had been held without bail after prosecutors in the case called him a danger to the community and a flight risk.

LaPlante agreed to release Freeman this week on condition that he post a $200,000 bond, and that he stay off social media, among other conditions. Freeman's computers and internet use will be monitored during his pre-trial release. He’s also to refrain from drugs and alcohol, and not possess any firearms.

Freeman, Colleen Fordham, 60, of Alstead, Renee Spinella, 23, of Derry, Andrew Spinella, 35, of Derry, Nobody, 52, formerly Rich Paul, of Keene, and Aria DiMezzo, 34, of Keene were all taken into custody during March raids on Freeman’s businesses in Keene and other locations. Only Nobody remains in custody, as he has waived his right to a bench trial.

Part of the alleged scheme had Freeman taking money from the victims of scams, which he converted into bitcoin for the perpetrators to take, according to prosecutors. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and difficult for law enforcement to trace.

Freeman was known to charge a higher transaction fee than other, legitimate bitcoin sellers, and he did not keep proper records that would allow federal agents and banks to identify his customers, according to prosecutors.

He allegedly hid his transactions as donations through his various churches, and had contracts with other people to operate churches and church bank accounts on his behalf, in order to get around bank security, according to prosecutors. Freeman had denied wrong doing in the case.

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