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Legion admits more NH abusers

The disgraced Legionaries of Christ, the Roman Catholic order of priests founded by notorious child abuser Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado, acknowledged this week that its Center Harbor school was home to two more alleged sexual abusers, though NH Reporter has evidence there are several more.

Last month, NH Reporter found that the order has disclosed several more abusers to police than it publicly concedes in statements about past abuse. This week, the order issued an update to its list of credibly accused members adding Fr. Oscar Juan Turrión Pablos, and seminarian David Consoli to the list of alleged abusers who worked at the school for boys, the Immaculate Conception Apostolic School on Dane Road.

Gail Gore, the order’s media representative, has so far not responded to questions about the school despite assurances she would.

When the Legionaries first acknowledged the abusers in its ranks in 2019, almost 10 years after the Vatican denounced Degollado and took temporary control of the order, it only listed four credibly accused members in all of North America, with two being stationed at the Center Harbor school. Francisco Cardona and Fernando Cutanda both allegedly abused students at the Immaculate Conception Apostolic School, according to the Legionaries report.

Both men would end up being ordained by the order, though Cutanda has since been laicized. Cardona has since died.

This week, the order added Consoli and Turrión to the list, as well as Fr. Timothy Meehan and Fr. Jeremiah Michael Spillane.

According to the Legionaries statement, Turrión was discovered to have abused boys at the school during his time there in the 1990s, but he was allowed to continue his studies and be ordained a priest in the order.

“The investigation verified that the then-student had, at the time, reported the incident to ICAS’ rector and because of this, Turrión was immediately removed from his position. Still, he was allowed by the Congregation’s founder and general director to continue with his studies for the priesthood, was ultimately ordained in 2001, and was assigned to work with adults outside the United States,” the statement reads.

Turrión has since left the order and the priesthood, according to the Legionaries.

Consoli served on the formation staff at the school, supervising boys in the 1990s. The order claims it first learned of allegations of abuse against Consoli in 2018, long after Conloi left the order. He was scheduled to be ordained in 2004, but left the order and returned to lay life.

Consoli is one of several men that the Legionaries have reported to police as being accused of sexual abuse, but not all of those accused have been acknowledged by the order.

The order claims it is reaching out to victims to offer support. However, sources have told NH Reporter the Legionaries are offering victims cash payments in change for their agreement not to cooperate with law enforcement.

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