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Update: Ferlazzo dismembered wife

A first year wedding anniversary vacation for a Northfield, New Hampshire couple ended with the husband, Joseph Ferlazzo, shooting his wife, Emily Ferlazzo, and cutting her body into pieces, he told police.

Joseph Ferlazzo, 41, is being held on a charge of first degree murder after he was arrested in Vermont on Tuesday for killing his 22-year-old wife. The Northfield, New Hampshire couple were vacationing at an AirBNB property in their converted camper over the weekend when Joseph Ferlazzo murdered his wife.

Emily Ferlazzo’s step-father and mother, David and Adrienne Bass, reported their daughter missing on Monday after Joseph Ferlazzo returned to New Hampshire from the vacation without his wife, according to the affidavit filed in Chittenden County Superior Court by Vermont State Police Detective Sgt. James Vooris. Adrienne Bass told police her daughter has been the victim of domestic violence in the past.

Joseph and Emily Ferlazzo left New Hampshire on Oct. 15 for the camping trip, and Joseph told his in-laws the couple argued and that Emily Ferlazzo told him she was taking an Uber back to New Hampshire, according to the affidavit. Soon after speaking to his in-laws, however, Joseph Ferlazzo drove back to Vermont.

There, he tried to get his friend, Spencer Lemons, 35, to drive him to the camper in Bolton, Vermont, which was now being watched by police. Lemons asked Joseph Ferlazzo why police were watching the van, and Joseph Ferlazzo admitted he killed his wife, according to the affidavit.

Lemons kicked Joseph Ferlazzo out of his car and then called police, Vooris wrote. Later, Detective Sgt. Aimee Nolan spotted Ferlazzo at a gas station and brought him to the State Police Barracks in St. Albans. There he confessed to police about the murder, according to Vooris.

Joseph Ferlazzo told police he argued with Emily Ferlazzo on Saturday, and she was hitting and kicking him, particularly in the groin, Vooris wrote. The fight ended with Emily Ferlazzo going to lie down. Joseph Ferlazzo waited five to 10 minutes, got his Glock 19 pistol, jumped on top of his wife, and shot her two times in the head, he told police.

Joseph Ferlazzo told police that he then had an anxiety attack because of the sight of the blood. He put a garbage bag on her head, and then put her body into the camper bathroom. Next, he went to have breakfast with his sister and her boyfriend, he told police.

After breakfast, Joseph Ferlazzo moved the camper to another location, and then proceeded to dismember his wife, cutting her feet, legs, arms, and head from her body with a hand saw, and putting each body part into a separate garbage bag, he told police.

Vooris writes that Emily Ferlazzo’s body was found in the camper in separate bags, and the handsaw and Glock 19 Joseph Ferlazzo used were still in the camper.

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